Swim Lessons

LEARN TO SWIM with Certified Swim Instructors! Prior to entering a group lesson instructors offer a FREE consultation to determine the best Swim Level for your child.

Swim Levels:

Water Explorations & Safety: Ages 1-2 with parent (NOT a swim lesson more for parents and instructor proving support for the student)
Parent+Preschool: Ages 2-4 with parent Elementary Water Skills
Preschool: Ages 3-5 Elementary Water Skills and Safety without parent
Beginner: Ages 5-11 Elementary Strokes and 25yard swim
Advanced Beginner: Ages 6-12 Stroke and breathing Development with 50 yard swim
Intermediate: Ages 6-13 Stroke Coordination & Breathing with 50+ yard swim
Advanced: Ages 6-14 Polishing Strokes with 100 yard swim
Teenagers: Ages 13 - 15 Basic swimming & Self-rescue
Teenagers: Ages 16 - 17 Basic swimming & Self-rescue
Adult: Ages 18+ Basic swimming & Self-rescue
Please have your child participate in Sophie the Safety Seal Swim Evaluation so the swim instructor can evaluate your childs level of comfort in the water; this allows your child to be placed in a  swim group with other swimmers at the same swim level further helping your child thrive and build confidence in swim safety, strokes, and build friendships with other students in their Swim Level.

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