Best Aquatic proudly dedicates its mission to “Advocating for the Health and Wellness” of all, through events and exercises held within an aquatic venue. Our programs are designed to address the well being of the person in threefold: Mind, Body and Soul. Participating in aerobic aquatic exercises is universally accepted as one of the most advantageous means to increase ones health from the infant stage to seniors. Evidence based practices have yielded information stipulating how swimming will increase fine motor skills, make one smarter, increase muscle tone and bone density while increasing one’s cardiac rate without the intense impact often incurred from either running or weight lifting.

Best Aquatic is committed to, “Encouraging a Healthy and Safe Swim Facility through education, service, management and consultation”. We believe in inspiring people to get in the water and enjoy themselves – swimming is fun and most certainly contagious! Fashion your finest Maui Rippers swimsuit, prepare for a lifestyle change as you develop that swimmers body and be the ENVY of your friends and family - SurfSUP!

Join our Best Aquatic Community Cares team as we work to support you, “Advocating for Health and Wellness”.